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Yoga at FSK

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Saturday Mornings: 8:00am-8:50am 


$69 for 4 week program
$20 drop in
FSK members special pricing available

Email Jen at to register

Class Description:

Jen's classes at FSK are built for all levels of experience.  Jen offers options throughout her classes to make yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their abilities, mobility and flexibility.  From the beginner to experienced practitioner, come to class with an open mind and faith in yourself and you will find a challenging, but supportive environment on which to begin or continue your training.  While classes do focus on yoga poses and postures that help to develop strength and mobility, it is not about being able to touch your toes or do a handstand, all of that comes some day after consistent practice, it is about working towards improved health and wellness.


Jen Puleo
Jen began taking yoga in 2007 as a barter for babysitting and instantly fell in love with the movement and strength behind the postures. Over time and several years of practice, Jen began to discover the mind body connection.  When she began to do hot yoga, she found herself able to slow down her mind, adding a new level of understanding to her practice.  When the pandemic shut down all the studios and changed yoga completely, Jen decided to go through yoga teacher training.  Starting in 2021 and working consistently, in less than 3 years time she totaled close to 1,000 hours of training and received certification to teach vinyasa, hot 26, yin & restorative, and yoga for athletes.

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