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Cardio Kickboxing at FSK

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Wednesdays: 6:00pm-7:00pm 


$55 for 4 week program
Punch Cards Accepted
Unlimited Members Accepted 
FSK members special pricing available

Class Description:

This high-energy workout is challenging for all levels, beginners or experienced athletes.  A group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast paced cardio.  Mixing body weight exercises with bags and pads you will strike and kick your way into building stamina, improving coordination and flexibility as well as burning calories and building lean muscle. 


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Elvira Anderson

  • ​Professional, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Nutrition Consultant.

  • Former division 1 college athlete


Elvira has decades of experience coaching athletes from preschoolers to the varsity level. Coaching and training the general population to elite athletes. At FSK Elvira runs Fitness classes does Personal training for members and nonmembers and is the Strength and Conditioning coach for members of the U.S  Kyokushin  team that competed in the World Championships in Spain. 

Elvira helps you to implement goals and develops smart programming for your training experience.

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