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Fitness Classes


Monday: Master the Basics (4:30pm-5:30pm)

Tuesday: Strength & Flexibility Class (5:00pm-6:00pm)

Wednesday - Cardio Kickboxing (6:00pm-7:00pm)

Sunday: Pure Fun and Athleticism (9:00am-10:00am) 
**check Google Classroom weekly for updates


Class Descriptions:

Monday - Master the Basics
Get started on your fitness journey, getting the basic movements needed to begin working towards your fitness goals. 

Tuesday - Strength & Flexibility
Dynamic and fun full body strength and cardio interval training. Utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands and body weight exercises. Emphasizing core strength, mobility and flexibility. Great for weight loss, improved strength and athleticism and overall health and fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Wednesday - Cardio Kickboxing
This high-energy workout is challenging for all levels, beginners or experienced athletes.  A group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast paced cardio.  Mixing body weight exercises with bags and pads you will strike and kick your way into building stamina, improving coordination and flexibility as well as burning calories and building lean muscle.

Sunday -
Pure Fun and Athleticism
A dynamic and fun full body strength building and cardio training class. Utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands and body weight exercises. Emphasizing core strength, mobility and flexibility & incorporating basic striking skills utilizing punches, elbows and kicks on shields, targets & heavy bags. Learn what it takes to train like a competition fighter while getting in the best shape of your life. A non-sparring Fitness class that is great for weight loss, improved strength and overall athleticism and fitness.  Suitable for all fitness levels.


Elvira Anderson

  • ​Professional, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Nutrition Consultant.

  • Former division 1 college athlete


Elvira has decades of experience coaching athletes from preschoolers to the varsity level. Coaching and training the general population to elite athletes. At FSK Elvira runs Fitness classes does Personal training for members and nonmembers and is the Strength and Conditioning coach for members of the U.S  Kyokushin  team that competed in the World Championships in Spain. 

Elvira helps you to implement goals and develops smart programming for your training experience.

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If you wish to sign up you/your child for a trial class please submit your information through our contact form by clicking HERE

We are also reachable every day by email at:

Thank you and Osu!

Try A Free Trial Class Today!

"Elvira is the best! Equal parts bad-ass and supportive, totally skilled at recognizing then helping me push past my limits. As a lifetime martial artist, even after only a few months of working with Elvira I can see the gains I’ve made in self-awareness, confidence, and STRENGTH. Highly, highly recommended."

                                               - Greer Murphy

"If anyone is looking to improve their fitness (at any age or level), I highly recommend you get in touch with Elvira. She will meet you where you are, plan workouts according to your needs and goals, and help with nutrition as well as any other questions you may have. She works hard, has years of experience and shares knowledge that is science based and geared to you. Message her or stop by Fighting Spirit Karate and try out one of her fitness classes.  It will be worth it!"

                                                    - Rebecca Haskel

"Personalized service - workouts crafted specifically for me that kept me moving and gaining strength where I could, while skillfully avoiding causing pain and further damage to my hip."

                                    - Breida Stutzman

“A BIG Shout out to Elvira Anderson at Fighting Spirit Karate Martial Arts and Fitness, Gardiner, New York. Elvira is an excellent fitness and injury rehab specialist. I recently injured my knee and she is helping me strengthen my entire body, as well as my knee. It’s amazing how a simple slight move and well-informed adjustment of motion can improve your body. She knows her science very well - better then any others I’ve worked with! She is extremely patient, and she explains each move as you perform them together. I am a life-time martial artist at FSK, and every tweak and informed maneuver she offers helps me perform better, and without pain!! Thank you Elvira for helping me continue my fithess journey and hit my goals!! I highly recommend anyone wanting to get stronger, feel inspired with a genuine & caring teacher, or help with an injury….do not wait…go see her."


                                                  Dona Lamboy

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