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Malandros BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Mondays - 
BJJ Gi Fundamentals (6:00-7:00)
BJJ Rolling/Open Mat (7:00-7:3

Tuesday - 
BJJ No Gi Fundamentals (6:00-7:00)
BJJ Rolling/Open Mat (7:00-7:30)

Wednesday - 
BJJ Gi Fundamentals (6:00-7:00)
BJJ Rolling/Open Mat (7:00-7:30)

Thursday -
BJJ No Gi MMA (6:00-7:00)
BJJ Rolling/Open Mat (7:00-7:30)

Friday - 
BJJ Gi Fundamentals (6:00-7:00)
BJJ Gi (7:00-8:00)

Saturday - 
BJJ Open Mat (11:00-12:30)
* Members Only

Class Description:


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at FSK are broken down to 8-week courses that are specifically designed to achieve the following three goals:
1. Create a fun bonding experience between family members that will last a lifetime.
2. Provide a framework for understanding the purpose and priorities of good Jiu Jitsu.
3. Teach skills that will dramatically improve any student's overall grappling ability, regardless of current experience level.

Exercise, Cardio, Solo drills, and Martial Movement are all a part of this fun and exciting new class! You will move better after this class!


Class is completely socially distanced working with only a family member or someone that you are comfortable making contact with!

Students Will Learn To:
*Escape from a severely disadvantaged position: One of the most disheartening experiences in grappling is being stuck under someone who is using their body weight to pin you to the ground. Although it is inevitable that we all end up in these positions, learning to escape them will quickly turn frustration into fun on the mats. This class will give us the tools to recover from the major pinning positions.

*Achieve and maintain a dominant position: After we’ve recovered from an inferior position to a more neutral one, it’s time to continue improving our position in ways that increase our ability to control our opponent, while simultaneously diminishing their ability to do harm to us.

*Submit an opponent: Once we are able to control our opponent and limit their options, it’s time to deliver the “knockout punch” of Jiu Jitsu - a submission hold. We’ll cover how to effectively and safely apply high percentage submission holds that will work in any context.


Virg Minervini


Virg has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu full-time since 2008 and began teaching students of his own after receiving his brown belt in 2016 under Ailson Henrique Brites. Since then, he has studied under Professor Jose Luis Gomez, from whom Virg had the honor of receiving his blackbelt in 2021. He has competed and medaled in multiple IBJJF tournaments, but equally enjoys the self-defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu. He has previously worked as head BJJ instructor at multiple NYC gyms including UFC Gym Park Slope, Physical Culture Collective, NY Combat Club, Krav Maga Institute, and Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy. He currently leads Malandros BJJ out of Fighting Spirit Studios in Gardiner.

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