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Iaido (En Zan Ryu)


Sunday 10:00AM-11:00AM

Class Description:

En Zan Ryu was developed in 2013 and is a form of iaido that blends other sword forms together in the pursuit of overall exceptional swordsmanship. The name En Zan Ryu is a Japanese name for the “style of the far away mountain.” As martial artists, we feel we are always climbing that mountain but never reaching its summit. Thus our training should never end.



Soke (Head Master) Raul Acevedo has been a student of the martial arts for decades. Raul was first introduced to the sword in 1984. In addition to having founded En Zan Ryu, Raul also has a 3rd Dan rank in kendo and iaido. Over the years he has practiced Tae Kwon Do and Judo, as well as some Kung Fu and Ninjitsu.

Alexa J. Iaido.jpg

Alexa is a dedicated martial artist of multiple disciplines; she has been studying iaido for more than half a decade and currently holds a 2nd Dan rank in En Zan Ryu. She teaches collaboratively with Soke Acevedo.

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