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Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit Karate blends traditional elements of Kyokushin Karate and varying forms of other martial arts to enrich one’s mind, body and spirit so that an increased field of self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence is achieved and maintained not only in the dojo but throughout our lives.



An innate ability to push beyond limitations and tap into our greatest human emotional and physical potential.


Turtle Kanji:

Defense: Using its shell it has found a highly efficient way of self-defense allowing for survival and longevity.

Slow: The path that leads towards fruitful self-actualization is slow – a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

Wise: Around since the age of dinosaurs, survival, adaptation and peaceful existence embody the true essence of a mindful warrior.



Chartered Member Dojo of the United States Kyokushin Organization: USA-IFKK

Chartered Member of Midori Yama Budokai: MYB

Chartered Member of Martial Arts USA: MAUSA


Message from Shidoshi Sean Schenker:


I was about 5 years old when my father walked me into my first local Kyokushin Karate School. That moment set me on a 35-plus year course into a fruitful exploration of myself through the martial arts. At FSK, we practice kihon, kata and kumite rooted firmly in Kyokushin history. It is at the heart of what I believe, what I do and what I teach. However, it equally intersects with the many great teachers I have trained under over the years, in various styles, who evolved my mind and approach to embrace the ideas of "many ways up the same mountain" – the wide lens view of the Martial Arts, as it were.



Here at FSK, no two students look or act alike. I pride FSK on the fact that every student is unique, and there are no cookie cutter formulas or curriculum that work across the board for every student. My job is to recognize every student for who they are and provide a way for them to discover their path and help them move along it with grace, strength, self-will, desire, failure, triumph and self-discovery.  At FSK, we instill self-confidence, self-reliance, relationship and team-building, discipline, and we seek to cultivate students with an aptitude for good health along with an ability to make good life choices.



I never forget the impact that I felt when I first stepped foot into a dojo....and I never looked back. My goal at FSK is to provide a similar context and experience for any student willing to trust me as one of their guides along their journey.



At FSK - The magic happens on the mat.

At FSK - The recipe is a simple one…train!




Shidoshi Sean Schenker

Owner & Student - Fighting Spirit Karate

USA-IFK Chairman of the Board

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We offer training programs on a flex schedule

(multiple class options per week as opposed to restricted days)

Program Rates




2 classes per week karate classes



Unlimited Karate Classes Per Week

1 Child+1 Parent

Inquire for rates

1-2x of karate for child, plus free boxing and fitness for parents

Full Family Rate

Inquire for rates

Krav Maga



1 class per week, Beginner Krav Maga



2 classes per week, Beginner and Advanced Krav Maga

Inquire for discounted family plan that includes Krav, fitness, and boxing





2 boxing classes per week





Unlocks 2 fitness classes per week



Unlimited fitness and boxing classes per week

Unlimited boxing and fitness classes per week




2 Kobudo classes per week



Unlimited Judo classes per week


Individual Kobudo Weapons Set Required - $175

Punch Cards for Fitness, Boxing, Krav Maga and Judo

10 Class Pack:

FSK Member




Inquire for Program Combination Rates

Membership Fee


All Members One Time FSK Membership Fee Includes:

Uniform for Karate


Krav T-Shirt and 4 oz MMA gloves for Krav


Boxing gloves and wraps for Boxing

Insurance for Judo

*fees are one time/lifetime

Malandros BJJ


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



2 BJJ & MMA classes per week plus Saturday open mat



Unlimited access to all BJJ & MMA classes

** Malandros BJJ is a separate LLC from FSK, Rates are separate and can not be combined with any other FSK program.

Elvira and Laurie’s Saturday morning weight training class is the perfect addition to my exercise routine. They offer mixed fitness level classes where they provide modifications when needed. In all Fitness classes, they offer constant positive feedback and motivate us throughout the entire class. I look forward to FSK Fitness classes every week!

-Heather Kraus (FSK Fitness Client)

Hands down the best for our daughter! Karate has helped our 7-year-old with focus, self-confidence and overall wellness. With the support of Fighting Spirit, she has competed in tournaments and has found a desire to grow and develop herself in a way we are so proud of. She is expected to work for achievements and dedication to her goals is recognized and rewarded. She asks us if she can go to the Dojo to help clean...while I wish she’d ask to clean her room, the fact that she WANTS to clean at all is amazing! It’s a testament to the sense of community. Fighting Spirit is helping us instill in our child.

-Anne-Marie Rendell (Parent)

Whether I’m picking my kids up from karate, or taking a fitness class, I always leave FSK in a better mood then when I got there.  The place always has a great vibe, besides the fact that they whoop you into shape!

-Michael Maiale (FSK Family Membership Fitness/Martial Arts)

Krav Maga classes at FSK have been a great way for me and my family to learn self-defense. The classes are run by expert instructors with an emphasis on safety. We feel grateful to be part of the positive community that is FSK!

- Jon Lindgren (FSK Krav Maga Student - Family Membership)


(845) 633-8219

Our Address:

19 Osprey Lane

Gardiner, NY 12525


Contact Us if you are:

  • Interested in a Free Trial for any of our current programs.

  • A Certified Teacher, Coach, or Artist who is interested in joining the FSK Team?  We are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our community.

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